A word is worth a thousand pictures-Jude B

She Caught My Eye…

I was shooting the Cinemalaya sign when I saw her. I thought she was a Koreanovela actress. Eventually, I gathered enough courage to climb up the steps and shoot her up close.

from left:Cinemalaya Festival programmer Ed Cabagnot, Kat Loreños Asst. Director/ Producer of The Leaving, French film critic Max Tessier, Asian Hotshots programmer Axl Estein

Producer Franco Alido and Prod Mgr Bianca Balbuena and friends

LJ Moreno w film maker Ian Dean Loreños

I met Kat Loreños before in the first press con presenting the finalists and directors. Understandably, she wanted me to interview her brother Ian Dean, the director for “The Leaving”.

Margery Lao and Katy Loreños

Some people stay in your mind long after you’re with them. Photography has always been a crutch, a mask for who I am. Pictures may be the only way I can see someone again.


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