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Ornusa: Super Model is Artist at Heart

Artists express themselves in more ways than one from left: Exld, Chichi,Ornusa Cadness, Egg Fiasco and Kiko Escora.

Written and photographed

By Jude Thaddeus L. Bautista

Queer Eye for CSI by Ornusa

In a five man art exhibit Ornusa Cadness stands out, literally and figuratively. No

Would by Ornusa

matter where she goes or what she does, she stands out. As one of the hottest faces on the ramp today it’s difficult for her not to attract attention. This time she shows her talent that only a few people know about. Dirty Fingers exhibit at the Outer Space Gallery featured edgy artists with a rebellious streak in them. Each of the five artists represents the fingers of the hand.

The gallery itself is located at the B-Side along Malugay street in Makati City. The walls inside the arcade are covered with graffiti-like art that reflects the creative energy of the whole venue. The show includes artists with pseudonyms like: Chi Chi, Exld (pronounced as exiled) and Egg Fiasco. Kiko Escora is the fifth name in the group. The exhibit will have an opening on July 2 at 7pm and will run until the 8th.

Ornusa had been doodling since she was eight and thought she’d be an artist (before being a famous model) when she’d grow up. Her dad was very encouraging and they would even paint together. She started with watercolor at age 11 and oil at age 14 and now the consistency of acrylic is her medium of choice. She idolizes French surrealist Rene Magritte but also likes the work of Keith Herring and Peter McKie.

Her works: “Would” and “Queer Eye for CSI” in her own words, “represent patterns that occur in nature or naturally such as wood or a finger print.” Both paintings are sized 3 x 6ft. The colors however are so psychedelic such as orange, purple and lime green that they have a strong abstract quality to them. The influence of her experience in fashion is evident in her paintings today.

Smash The Octopus by Egg Fiasco

Egg Fiasco’s work has a strong graffiti flavor to them, albeit a very detailed, illustrative and colorful graffiti. He considers Takashi Murokami as the artist that he admires the most. His bigger work entitled “Smash the Octopus” has a lot of symbolism that represent people or events in his life. The octopus represents greed, having a lot of tentacles and is far reaching.

Gangrene by Egg fiasco

The black out lines, oblong shapes of the characters and color palette is similar to the cartoon “Power Puff Girls.” His style is indicative of his personal history since he worked as an animator even as a high school student. And is currently an apprentice at the Republic tattoo shop.

from left: Exld, Chichi,Ornusa Cadness, Egg Fiasco and Kiko Escora.

Scarred for Life by Exld

Klementine by Exld

Exld whose real name is J.J. Zamoranos also has an illustrative feel to his work although is much darker. The style is reminiscent of Tim Burton’s “Corpse Bride” and “Nightmare Before Christmas”. Although Exld has seen the films he considers Isao Andrews as his influence. Characters have stick figure like bodies and large heads. He says he likes the look of illustrations combined with painting.

Evrey takeoffs & Landings by Exld

Factory Girl (top) and Red Eye (bottom) inks by Chi chi

Chi Chi created ink drawings that are portraits of his friends combined with cartoon characters from Akira to Sponge Bob. He is most excited with his installation art that includes a vibrator and ash tray shaped like a human skull.

Milk Riddles (top) Regina Belmonte (bottom) inks by Chi Chi

One Speed by Kiko Escora

Kiko Escora work is aptly named “One Speed”, has the most photographic quality in the exhibit. Perhaps the inspiration for the exhibition name, a hand is in silhouette. The shadows hide the sensitive parts while light reveals the feminine fingers. Using acrylic and graphite the painting looks like a large negative image.

from left: Sanya Smith, Maite and artist model Ornusa Cadness

from left Outer Space owner Nick Santiago, guest DJ from Canada, Chi Chi and Kiko Escora

Canadian DJ, Celestial Del Rosario and Bibi Belgica

protect th city graffiti at the B Side

DJ Mulan

DJ Mulan

Abbey RoadKill by Chi chi and kiko Escora

Graffiti at the B Side


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