A word is worth a thousand pictures-Jude B

George Bautista’s Earliest Batch Mates

George Bautista is encircled in yellow

Written and reproduced

By Jude Bautista

For my brother George Bautista’s many friends and batch mates in St. Peter the Apostle School not a lot of them know that he started out in St. Jude Catholic School. Our family lived in Oroquieta St. in Sta. Cruz Manila in the 1950’s. I was only born by the time our family moved to Paco, Manila during Martial Law (where my parents live now). I was enrolled in St. Peter from the beginning which is also in Paco.  George became a transferee.

Close up shot of George

When my mom was cleaning out her closet she found a box of old black and white pics. As a photographer today I was fascinated with them. Being a brood of five boys, we weren’t that affectionate with each other. Every little thing was cause for a fight between George and me from age 3 and up. Everything was a competition. Either of us standing still long enough for a pic to be taken is a rarity! By the time we were high school and college basketball and badminton were more positive channels for our energies and competitive nature.

While going through the old box I saw some very rare photos of George in his pre school days. They are so old that even HE has NEVER seen them. To remove all doubt that it’s George I saw his name penciled at the back of the pic with a price of P3.90 for four pics! These days you can’t get one print for that price, although inflation hasn’t really hit photo quality prints that much. George was an adorable pre schooler with what looks like a Jackson5 Curdoroy cap.

George in Curdoroy cap

Tim in his pre school days also in St Jude

from right my dad Joe, mom Erlinda, George in 55 t shirt, Noel holding his pre school diploma, Tim w elementary diploma and Donald. I wasn't born yet for this pic.

The name and price in the back of the pre school pic

from right: Father George Lallibert married my parents Joe and Linda. They named their fourth son after Father George. In this pic baby Donald and Tim.

Another interesting photo I’ve included is my parents’ with Father George Lallibert after whom my favorite brother was named. Fr. George is an American priest who was assigned to Sta. Cruz Church for 20 years and married my parents Joe and Linda. Fr. George is a huge University of Connecticut basketball fan even from those days. The UConn Huskies are NCAA champs this year, we’re sure he’s wildly celebrating in the U.S. by now. I also saw a second honor card for my second eldest brother Donald who became a doctor. For a more recent photo of Tim, Donald, my parents and Alfonso click here.


These are our two zany uncles who made it big in Hollywood...kidding! I also saw this pic of Dean martin and Jerry Lewis in the box. Jerry is a god in France, he's one of my comedy idols.

Standing from left: Tim, Joe, Linda my mom's sis Ami, Freddie Bautista. Seated from left: Donald, Lally, Noel, Fe, Charing

George Bautista (standing in white) today during their Manila visit last Christmas. From right his wife Hazel, daughter Hannah, Tita Ami, Kim and Tito George Apostol. George and Hazel now live in Auckland, New Zealand w daughters Kim and Hannah


2 responses

  1. george

    thanks bro.
    are there any more pictures?
    just for the record, i can still beat u in both basketball and badminton.

    April 10, 2011 at 1:55 AM

    • There are alot more but most of them are even older. I concede to the basketball part, the badminton is still in contention.

      April 10, 2011 at 12:50 PM

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