A word is worth a thousand pictures-Jude B

You may yet hold her in your arms…

The Ludus, houses gladiators. This one by Batiatus is set upon a cliff in the city of Capua.

(For My Angel)

In “Spartacus Blood and Sand” Episode 8- Mark of the Brotherhood

The show was aired locally in Cinemax but is a Starzz prouction. Spartacus throws dice the previous night to earn money that his friend Varro has lost in recent days. As he gives the money, Varro relates sad news.

Varro: You have thrown dice before?

Spartacus: I have turned from such things before…for my wife!

Varro: You are a better man than I.

Spartacus: Do not forget why you are here. You dishonor your family…your wife!

Varro: My wife is a whore! She carries another man’s child.

Spartacus: How did this come to be?

Varro: A friend from the marketplace…she claims he forced himself onto her.

Spartacus: You should fight for her.

Varro: She did not fight.

Spartacus: Had you not left her to pay your debts she would not have had to. She lives Varro… she lives. You may yet hold her in your arms… a thought a decent man would cherish.


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