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Bolkiah to Kris: Ganda Babaeeh!


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Written by

Jude Bautista


On the same front page of PDI today April 17, 2013, photographer EDWIN BACASMAS captured a very telling facial reaction from Brunei Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah during his 2-day visit with P Noy. Who else but the presidential sister Kris Aquino was walking by in a ravishing red dress appearing non-chalant.

The Sultan’s head turned to the eye-catching woman in red. One of the early film roles by Kris Aquino is with the late Rene Requiestas in PIDO DIDA: Sabay Tayo which also had a sequel, PIDO DIDA 2: Kasal Na in 1990 and 91.  Rene became famous in the film franchise STARZAN with lead Joey De Leon. Rene’s famous character Chita-eh’s line from that series is: “Ganda Babaeeeh!” or beautiful woman in our language. The facial expression on the Sultan seems to echo that line. It doesn’t hurt too that the late comedian also had a goatee similar to his.

The question in my mind was what was Kris doing there in the first place? The caption also announces Kris as the no.1 Taxpayer in the land, just like the headline the day before. She may be brushing up on politics and how to run a government for her own turn as president… Ganda Babaeeh!

Click on pic for link to inquirer.net page 1

Click on pic for link to inquirer.net page 1


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